About Us

AviPly has emerged as a reputed manufacturer of a broad range of plywood products in India. Maintaining stringent quality standards and a sharp focus on scaling up the benchmarks have enabled our company to create a distinguished place in the market.

AviPly is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of all the products related to plywood, such as flush doors, wooden pallets, truck flooring, and more.


We aim to establish our name as a brand that offers India’s most superior plywood products. AviPly was built with the intent that plywood is more than just a visible background! With this idea, we have reinvented the way people look at plywood products by creating timeless designs and innovative products.

Our Values

  • Product Integrity

    To maintain our product quality, we only use carefully selected mature timber from the sustainable, natural forests of northeast India. Our raw material is treated to withstand moisture, extreme weather conditions and insect infestation. All of our products are manufactured with strict adherence to the standards sanctioned by the BIS.

  • Adaptability

    We place significant emphasis on adapting to our customers’ preferences and changing demands. Our products are manufactured in a range of thicknesses under a diverse set of sub-brands, each catering to a specific quality and price requirement. We constantly refer to customer and channel partner feedback, especially for the selection of our annual range of diverse laminate designs and textures.

  • Reliability

    Our state-of-the-art factories have in-house testing facilities and rigorous teams entrusted with conducting regular quality checks at all stages of the manufacturing process. Our commitment to quality has enabled us to offer the National Guarantee on all our products, with our premium range offering up to a 300% money back or replacement guarantee on manufacturing defects/insect infestation.

  • Authenticity

    We have taken several measures to empower our end consumer to distinguish our product from a counterfeit. Our products are marked with hologram stickers, Uniqolabels, that can be scanned on a mobile app to identify the product’s authenticity with a simple three-step process. Stakeholders across our retail channel have been educated in recognizing a genuine National product from a duplicate, ensuring that our customer expectations are met when they choose National.

We Walk the Walk, But Our Customers
Talk the Talk.

  • 4.5
  • "I have been using Avi's plywood and I have no reason to complain. The quality of the material is excellent and their services are highly commendable."

    Ruchika Khana

  • "Avi is the best plywood brand. I really trust them and I will recommend them to my friends and family. "

    Vaibhav saini

  • "I use Avi plywood products for all my projects. The product quality and availability is very good I love to use its product, and would use in future."

    Ankush saini

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