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Intelligently Designed, Expertly Built!

Your work is important to us, that’s why we cater to your specific requirements, whether you want to have a custom-built interior or replicate a theme that you like! Being a prominent manufacturer of Customized Plywood, you can ease off knowing your woodwork will be a reflection of top quality. By applying the expertise of our dedicated professionals, AviPly has emerged as an ingenious organization involved in manufacturing a broad range of quality Plywood. We offer plywood in various dimensions to meet your specific need: 4MM, 6MM, 9MM, 12MM, 16MM, 19MM, 25MM, 30MM, 32MM, and 35MM.

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Improved Stability

Having the cross-grained nature of the plywood’s structure, its strength is appropriately and evenly distributed, which offers increased stability!

High Resistance

Our Plywood comes in MR, BWR (Boling Water Resistant), and Marine Grade that offers high-resistance against harsh weather conditions.

Extremely Lightweight

Besides all its strength, our plywood is surprisingly lighter in weight than solid wood, which makes it ideal for furniture making.

Construction Sector

for Construction

Shaping Concepts

Plywood is extensively used in construction projects. It is not a big surprise since Plywood has several beneficial properties that are ideal for construction. Being a factory-produced material, Plywood has accurate dimensions made form 3 or 4 sheets of wood. Further, these sheets are glued to each other to create a thicker sheet. Plywood is extremely light in weight, and it is highly durable! It serves both interior and exterior wood requirements of the building. That’s why it has become a commonly preferred option for house owners and builders.

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Unlike Timber, Plywood is incredibly convenient to cut and is ideal to fit every requirement of contraction.

Improved Stability

Plywood offers every inherent advantage of the parent wood along with improved properties in its coated structure.

High Impact Endurance

Plywood, being a wood-based object, has the capacity to accommodate the incidental short-term overload.

Automotive Sector

for Automotive & Industrial Sectors

For several years plywood has been widely used for many automobile parts such as dash, roofs, and instrument boards, and AviPly offers the best transportation purpose ply! We supply plywood that can withstand even the severest weather conditions. It is intelligently designed to make it anti-skid, which is beneficial for flooring purposes (especially in heavy vehicles). Owing to high-pressure resistance, its panel develops supreme density that can easily sustain heavy traffic on the flooring in public and industrial use.

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Chemical Resistance

Plywood doesn’t corrode and is a cost-effective and durable option for cooling towers and chemical works.

Surface Dimensional Stability

Plywood’s cross-laminated construction ensures it remains sufficiently stable under temperature and moisture fluctuations.

Good Strength to Weight Ratio

With great stiffness and strength to weight ratios, Plywood is an extremely cost-effective option for structural applications like flooring, formwork, shearwalls, and webbed beams.

Our Work Process

With the perspective to offer only the best quality products and work to our clients, we heavily invest to maintain and upgrade our comprehensive range of premium products. We don’t just stop at having products! Rather, we ensure you get a customized option for your specific requirements. For that, we follow a dedicated process which includes:

  • Planning
  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Implementation

Our Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing plywood comprises 9 primary processes:

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